Brand Identity, Graphic Design & Web Development

Research and Brand Analysis

Qualia Creative offers in-depth research into communication and brand analysis, emerging trends, and new visual techniques. Apart from our experienced design team, Qualia also employs a conceptual research advisor with an academic background in Social Theory to help inform a solution that strategically achieves the desired objectives and effectively communicate your identiy to your desired audience.

Brand Development & Identity Design

Qualia Creative specialises in the strategic development of Corporate Identity Systems. We combine our knowledge with our aesthetic to create a highly creative identity that is calculated to effortlessly communicate your brand’s identity to your target audience.

Website Design and New Media

Qualia Creative has a team of designers and programmers to serve whatever new media requirement our clients may have: from CMS websites, to elaborate Flash animation, to mobile phone apps.

Art Direction

Qualia Creative can be engaged as an agent to call upon our world-wide contacts to configure a “best-of-breed” creative team that is orchestrated to fulfill the strategic objectives of the brief.

Image Making

What sets Qualia Creative aside from other design agencies is our ability to create beautiful images: be it with pixels, ink or paper. These images are created to form the basis of a marketing campaign or to extend the communication of an existing brand.

Print, Publication & Typography

With extensive experience in publication design, Qualia Creative has designed various book covers, texts, annual reports and other print collateral. The practitioners of Qualia Creative also have a deep passion for typography and the written word.

Copywriting, Re-Voicing & Naming

From the creation of new promotional copy to the re-voicing of existing copy to integrate with your rebranding process, Qualia Creative’s copywriting staff works hand-in-hand with our design team to craft a voice for your promotional collateral that functions as a seamless extension of your graphical brand identity.

Advertising & Promotional Collateral

Quality design is an investment that should be judged by its market success. Combing our technical expertise, experience and artistry, we create precision-tuned, conceptual designs that alter the perceptive atmosphere in your favour.

Environmental Installations

Qualia has been blazing a path into three-dimensional, environmental installations in the form of visual merchandise, set design, signage and conceptual installations.